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Solo Runs – Free Online Training

Everyday life has been upended due to the corona virus. Now, more than ever, its important to prioritize your health and there’s no better way to do so than with regular exercise. Running, which can be done outside and alone with minimal equipment, is the perfect way to build and maintain fitness during these difficult times. It’s a boost to both your physical and mental well being. With 8 weeks and 3 different plan options, all at no cost, we can use the crisis of the corona virus to become stronger and healthier together, all while training solo.

Plan Types

Couch to 5k

Even if you’ve never run before, you can run a 5k. With this program you’ll start a transitional walk/run program which, with consistent training, will prepare you to go the distance, all 3.1 miles.

5k to 10k Speed

This program is for those who already run, but who have never done speedwork or tempos. It’s also perfect for those who want to focus on developing your speed for shorter summer goal races.

Base Training

Preparation for a fall half marathon or marathon begins with building a strong foundation. This training focuses on growing your aerobic engine before race specific workouts begin.

Each Online Training Plan:

Will be 8 weeks in duration,
Includes unlimited email communication and a biweekly check in call,
Is customized to fit your schedule and based on your previous athletic experience.
Please allow a few days after sign up for your plan to be generated.

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