I came to running rather late in life with little to no athletic background. I wasn’t on the track or cross country team in high school or college. I learned to be a runner the same way many of you have, through trial and error, through squeezing in runs around a busy work/life schedule, and through passionate determination. I self coached myself for my first 2 marathons, starting at 4:10 in 2017 and then running a 3:33, one year later in 2018. My goal in that second marathon was to Boston Qualify and that’s what I did, I ran a BQ -7.

I’ve since gone on to best my marathon time again and then again, running a 3:05 (a BQ -30) in 2019 one year after my first qualifier and following that up another year later with my first sub 3 marathon (2:58) in 2020.

But this is not the story of some exceptional long time athlete. This is not the story of a born distance runner. This is the story of how hard work and a commitment to pursuing the big gains, while not overlooking the small, can transform an everyday recreational runner into the best version of themselves.


Level 1 RRCA Certified Coach
VDOT Certified Coach
Certified Personal Trainer

Associate Head Coach for The Dashing Whippets Run Club in NYC

Multi time Boston & NYC Marathon Qualifier
17 Marathons & 18 Half Marathons, plus races of shorter distances, from 1 mile up


Overall Awards (by Distance/Year)
1st Place OA F Master Steamtown Marathon – Oct 2022

2nd Place OA F Revel Rockies Half – June 2022
1st Place OA F Revel Mt Charleston Half – April 2022
1st Place OA F Revel Sun Valley Half – June 2021
1st Place OA F Revel Kulia Half – Jan 2020

1st Place OA F Beaufort Oyster Boogie 5k – Jan 2022
2nd Place OA F Run for Parkinson’s 5k – Jan 2021
1st Place OA F Revel Launch Team 10k – Aug 2019

3rd Place OA F Tuckahoe 1 Mile Race – Sept 2018

Age Group Awards (by Distance/Year)
1st AG Mt Charleston Limited Marathon – Nov 2020
1st AG Beaver Canyon Marathon – Oct 2020
2nd AG Big Cottonwood Marathon – Sept 2019

1st AG Big Bear Half – Nov 2022
2nd AG Big Cottonwood Half – Sept 2022
1st AG Big Cottonwood Half – Sept 2021
3rd AG Bryce Canyon Half – July 2020
1st AG Revel Chilliwack Half – Aug 2019
3rd AG New Paltz Challenge Half – June 2018

3rd AG Run to the Blue Pt Brewery 10 Miler – Jan 2019

2nd AG Philly 10k – August 2022
3rd AG Philly 10k – August 2021
3rd AG NYRR Murphy Cross Country 5k – Oct 2016
2nd AG NYC Runs Scope It Out 5k – Oct 2016


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