As I like to say, runners of all paces for all races! Hear what runners who have worked with me have to say.

Zack Fuller

Emerald Isle Marathon – 2:57, 3rd Place OA
October 22, 2022

“My 2:57:23 was a PR by almost 2 minutes and you made the entire training process easy and fun. When I trained for my race last year I felt extremely burned out for almost a month and got sick after the race. This year you helped me reach a PR in just 3 months (over a month less than last year). I felt great and had plenty of energy throughout training. I could not believe how well everything went.

Your advice and detailed running plans made a huge difference for me. I definitely hope I can train with you in the future.” 

Wesley Bonnin

Myrtle Beach Marathon – 4:46, 16 minute PR
March 4, 2023

Wes set out to break 5 hours in what would be her 2nd marathon just 5 months after running her first. Race day conditions were hot and humid but you better believe she smashed her time goal!
In her own words, “The marathon is a crazy sport, and even in the abnormal hot weather, I came home with a 16 minute PR!…You’re the best coach! Love learning and training hard… Had a great time as well felt wayyyyy stronger than Chicago!”

Susan Slotoroff

London Marathon – 4:36, Injury Comeback
October 2, 2022

“While not a PR by any means, this is the most fun I’ve ever had running a marathon….Today is a success in my book, especially considering a few months ago I couldn’t use stairs.
I am so, so grateful for my coach Kristyn for helping me get to the start line of the London Marathon, and ensuring that I finished strong – even after a IT band/knee injury created a bumpy training cycle. Thank you Kristyn for your support and guidance and for believing in me!”

Patricio Aguilar

Berlin Marathon – 3:28, 30 minute PR
September 25, 2022

I started working with Patricio several months before Berlin training began. We trained first for NYRR’s Brooklyn Half where he set a PR in really adverse May conditions, running a 1:42:15, a 7:48 avg. Transitioning then to Berlin training, we set our sights high aiming for sub3:30, what would be a near 30 minute PR, and I’m so pleased to say he absolutely smashed it finishing in 3:28:38 for a 7:56 avg.

Riri Nagao

Tokyo Marathon – 5:52, Return to running after an extended break
March 5, 2023

“Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years!…Finally wrapping up this 3 year saga of ‘when are we gonna be able to run this thing?!’ Super thrilled with my result and VERY happy that I ran consistently every. single. kilometer. Huge thank you to [my] coach for the great programming, expert neutron advice and being so encouraging through the process!!”

Yali Szulanski

Delaware Running Festival Marathon – 3:39
marathon PR and 1st AG W 35-39
April 23, 2023

“I felt so strong going into this race thanks to your guidance, support, and patience over the course of our training. I really appreciated the communication, the advice, and the way you were able to “see” me in how you shaped the training. I started races in 2018 after my son was born, and after 2 decades of battles with my health. This was my 11th marathon, my fastest to date, and the one where I had the most fun. I could really feel the strength in my body – which you helped me build back after a very tough year. It is more than a PR: it is a true testament that when we believe in ourselves, when we work hard to find the depths of our strength and wisdom, we can really achieve big dreams. I am looking forward to continuing the journey, and to see what else I can do!” 

Lila Benini

London Marathon – 3:19, 8 minute PR
April 23, 2023

“After a succession of un-satisfying races and injury niggles, Kristyn helped me find a whole new realm of confidence and to tap into potential that I never knew I had! With Kristyn’s support, I have not only achieved an 8 min PR in London Marathon with a negative split, I had the best training cycle I’ve ever had. She took and continues to take time to listen to my questions and  and help me verbalise what I wanted to achieve into concrete goals. I’m already excited about what I can achieve next! Thank you, Kirstyn!”

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