127th Boston Marathon

2023 Boston by the Numbers Wet conditions on Patriot’s Day 2023 did not dampen the spirits, or the results, of what turned out to be a very quick day in Beantown. Preliminary numbers when compared to 2022 results show just how fast April 17th was. According to data collected on Findmymarathon.com, in 2022 for theContinue reading “127th Boston Marathon”

Boston by the Numbers

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you’ve already heard the news regarding the Boston Marathon field size, due to return to its normal Patriot’s Day date in April of 2022. With registration happening this week and notification of acceptances much further out, thousands of nervous runners begin that time honored tradition of fretting overContinue reading “Boston by the Numbers”

Workout Spotlight, Part 1

Marathon Pace Work: The Squeeze Thus begins a new feature which I hope to continue periodically on this blog. My plan is to feature a workout along with some thoughts on when to incorporate it and what is to be gained from that type of workout. First up we will spotlight a Marathon Pace Workout.Continue reading “Workout Spotlight, Part 1”

Let’s Get Ready To…Plan

You’ve registered for the race. Now comes the crucially important next step. Figuring out your training. Beginner runners and experienced racers alike, all must undertake some type of training in order to have a successful race day. The methods you use to prepare can vary greatly from those of others, but no one is crossingContinue reading “Let’s Get Ready To…Plan”

Progress and Process

Progress isn’t always clearly defined and measured, and it needn’t always be about raw numbers. Sometimes it’s in those valuable intangibles, such as how quickly your legs bounce back after that tough long run. But I must admit it certainly feels nice when you can point to indisputable metrics. Pace, that metric we runners generallyContinue reading “Progress and Process”

Better than the Last

A goal without a plan is just a wish. It’s that time of year.  The time when we reflect and reminisce over the last 365 days and conjure a list of goals and aspirations for the coming 365.  This is the time where our hope for the future is as strong and resolute as it ever willContinue reading “Better than the Last”

Greater NYC Races

Past Races July 18, 2020 Rockapulco Runs 5k and Half Marathon, Rockaway Beach, Queens, NYAugust 27, 2020 NYCRuns Lousy Shirt Race, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NYAugust 29, 2020 Druthers Helderburg to Hudson Half, Albany, NYSeptember 11-12, 2020 Old Forge Marathon & Half, Old Forge, NYSeptember 17, 2020 Running is Back 5k Series, Liberty State Park, JerseyContinue reading “Greater NYC Races”

Summer Running

Summer is officially here and with it comes those dreaded salty, sweaty, fatigue inducing runs.  You may feel drained more easily these days.  You may find you can’t hit the same paces you could a month ago.  You may begin to wonder why you’re running in the first place when you could instead be sittingContinue reading “Summer Running”